Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What I Learned From a Child

Not long ago I had the pleasure of meeting a little boy at the young age of 6.  Upon meeting him I knew I loved his father with everything in me and I'd hoped I could teach him things that I have taught my own four children.  Things about having fun, living outside the box, and just things about life, lord knows I have lived through obstacles and have steered my own kids away from my experience of finding things out the hard way. Little did I know he would teach me things.  This little boy has a condition known as Autism.  While spending time with this little boy I noticed he was beyond intelligent and lived in his own little world. A world I was somewhat intrigued by and curious about and jealous and envious of at the same time. While spending time with this young Boy and paying attention in great depth I acquired knowledge I feel no one else could have taught me.  This child taught me something entirely cliche.....dance like no one is watching.  I find myself dancing around and laughing in public, regardless of where we are, which is totally refreshing!  He taught me to view the smallest things as a blessing and as exciting.  Things most take for granted he becomes ecstatic about doing them.  He taught me to show enthusiasm while going through life with those I love most.  This would show them how much I cherish every second with them and that the smallest of things are priceless while by their side.  Something that makes me feel absolutely wonderful is how everytime I walk through the door whether it be hours, minutes, or seconds later he makes me feel like he is so glad to see me and to hug me.  Imagine if we treated everyone we love this way. Imagine how we all would know our worth.  I'm so thankful to have met this child. To now be able to start training myself to brush off the small things and move right along. Go ahead and March to the beat of my own drum regardless who else can hear it. To smile and have fun no matter how little the activity or without even leaving home. Embrace the love of those I hold dear and show them always how excited I am to have them in my life everyday. I truly believe that God has used this condition to teach us to not be selfish and to give, laugh, love, and enjoy life. For we only have one. I'm so thankful for his dad, whom I love with all my heart and soul. But not only for his dad but thankful for his beautiful mother as well. For all she does and all she has instilled in his beautiful soul as well. Thankyou both of you for allowing me to have the pleasure of being a part of his life. I am learning everyday from him and hope I can teach him things along the way. Thankyou 

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