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Twas the Night Before Christmas 2008

Twas the Night Before......
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Okay I am up at such an hour and thought i would blog.....Here we go

I am writing in red because its "the day" i would be in the spirit but if i must say. The life of a mommy never goes as planned and its altered quiet regularly and we are always in demand. I am stretch armstrong....being pulled here and there...but eager to please her cubs...yep i am MAMA BEAR lol

Long silly story short...i am delirious and should be in bed but nonetheless this is my night and i hope i am passing the test.....(i do feel i am being tested on these days)

Twas the night before Christmas and all thru the house...not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

The gifts were all out under the tree Santa had came and been on his time to bed down with hubby....its gonna be a busy day.

Matt and i in our PJs and after a night cap

Had just settled down for a long nights nap

Then suddenly we hear such a clatter I was going to get up and see what was the matter

When what before my wondering eyes would appear

A very tiny baby girl standing in my door with a tear

I sprang from the bed and oh my lord...she turned , sprung and ran back out the door....yes this place was quiet as a i had a four year old puking all over the house.

This child is multi talented you see because on her way to puke again she lists all that is under the Christmas tree

Dear child of all nights why tonight must you be sick and she explains so sweetly that santa brought that doggie chick...LOL

I saw the rolling puppy i ask for too

and the panda and the microphone oh what do i do

i explained she must have frightened santa away as she darted thru house puking all the way

i told my dear child please understand

he will not come back and finish bringing all your demands........if you dont lie down and close your eyes child...

then up from the bed she runs buck and wild and leans to the toilet and lets it fly

again and again just like a grown man

puking like i never knew such a small child can

It reaked and was bad but lil Gabby was sooo sad

I am so sorry mommy i puked on my bed and i have this aching in my head but i am so excited mommy you see that santa has came and brought my rolling puppy

I know my sweet child but please here me once more if you do not lie down santa will not come before

your eyes are closed and you are fast asleep i know its easier said than done and mommys talk is cheap

my poor child says to me one more time but mommy i saw those toys in there and they are mine. I see the rolling puppy i asked santa for, the microphone, and the panda ....but mommy i know there was more

i said gabby please lay down your head...never mind there is puke in this bed

mommy i told you i frowed up on there now mommy please listen your not being fair.

santa forgot something i know for sure so i wanna lay down so he can bring me a cure

for this exciting belly thats making me vomit and mommy go to bed i promise to stop it

i cannot sleep knowing the little one is ill

i have nothing to give her not even a pill

As we speak now i am trying and trying

to keep her in bed and stop her from prying

i told her all i knew to tell her at four

you frightened santa off but go to sleep he will come once put the gifts he forgot under the tree and mommy is tired so i am going to bed and thats when my dear Gabby said

I love you so much mommy you are the best

now go to damn bed so santa can bring me the

Good night and i am gonna try this once more and i say to my friends and i turn in bed and cut out the lights

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

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