Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Silent Beast

Today I am struggling with the silent beast as I call it!! I am terribly sleepy and disoriented related to narcolepsy. I am having what I assume are new symptoms related to my demyelinating disease (probable MS which was misdiagnosed as lupus for several years) and its kicking my butt today!! I have a lot of pain for past three days mainly in my joints and a new onset of almost unbearable pain in my shoulders and elbows, especially my right, and chest pain and a fatigue impossible to resist :(. I look healthy and smile and laugh and up until recently continued to push myself to physical and mental limits most never encounter!! I fought dizziness earlier today which resulted in once again me falling in the shower. It took me ten minutes to gather my senses and make any sense to Matt on the phone. He is ten minutes away so asked that I manage to side of tub and sit! He said he would come but I had reached that all high level of turbo bitch. Thank goodness he was patient so I could t get my words out and he has been with me five years and knows this spell all too well and allowed me time to gather myself together!! Thanks babe!! However my shower was a little too hit so my sitting in the shower floor was not best atmosphere for this situation. Those of you with similar illnesses understand. Today is frustrating when no one understand the silent "slow death sentence within."

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