Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Restless Night

Darkness falls
Sleep eventually too
Sandman fails to allow deep slumber
Like he allows for you

My body is exhausted
And it cannot keep on
It shuts itself down
Unfortunately not for long

In your eyes I appear to rest
But here, where I am
It's such a mess

Shhhhh I hear him coming
Circling through my house
Walking room to room
I remain quiet as a mouse

Then I realize
I'm surely to easily be seen
And i need to run to protect my kids
Must do it sly and keen

His heavy steps get closer
And he moves closer to my little girl's room
I'm terrified and need to save her
But I am unable to move

My mind is aware that her life is in danger
But my body is paralyzed and will not move
My heart is raising oh what do I do

It's not from being afraid, from fear
Cause nothing can keep me from keeping my babies clear
Of harm and danger at any expense
But I am helpless and pissed it doesn't make sense

His footsteps are heavy
They come closer by the minute
This is a horror film
And I am in it

Why he is so slow I don't understand
What does he want from me, this man?
He passed by not harming my kids
My body will not cooperate and I can't even open my eyelids

I'm scared and terrified
But my body will not move
No matter how hard I try
I can do nothing not even cry

I'm breathing so hard
And the breaths are fewer and farther apart
As I lay here and suffocate
It stops
There goes my heart

I lay here and die
Cannot help but wonder what's on his mind
Why he visits over and over
Time after time in my sleep prying
But he will be disappointed to see I am already dying

Why must he enter here
Right now?
As I take, what seems to be, my last breath?
I will not face the wrath tonight
Of his riddles and tests
He always says he wants the heart from my chest
I'm already dying man just let me be
And finally I open my eyes one last time to see
He is coming anyway
Coming for me

My body is paralyzed head to toe
He is quiet now and where he lurks
I no longer know
All I can do is breath heavy with fear
Then my heart stopped cause I realize he's near

He stands over me I can feel his presence here to my right
Why does he torture me night after night
I can feel his breath right in my face
So close that his lips I can almost taste

I hear no movement any at all
But here a slight whisper as though he calls
For another evil lurking kind
Maybe after years of nightly torture this is my time

I'm no contest at all for a man anyway
But my body failed me again today
If only I could get up and ran for cover and not failed to protect like a good mother

Again after emotional torture and pain I wake up in my room to darkness and rain
My body is Alive and allowing me to move
So I get out of bed and move around my room

Looking for signs of the events of the night and the pale man that causes me such fright
No sign of his visit its always the same
His task is successful in driving me insane

I know he was not here where I am at
Cause lying peaceful and asleep are my children and cat
My dog never barked and is fast asleep
It's just same torture I get from this disease

It allows no time for sleep or peaceful rest and always awaken before he stabs a knife in my chest
When does it end or what medicine is needed
But they scare me almost as bad as the torture and bleeding


  1. Hi Denna,

    Frank here, I help run Jobstr, a Q&A site featuring people with interesting jobs. Just reaching out to ask whether you'd be interested in taking some questions on our site about life as a hospice nurse. Suffice it to say, we are in awe of what you do, and suspect our readers would be as well.

    Feel free to take a look at our site (jobstr-dot-com), and if you're interested in taking some questions, just let me know using my email address below. We'd love to have you -- thanks so much and take good care.

    All the best,

  2. I love this poem. So very powerful... Thank you sooo much for sharing!!