Thursday, July 2, 2015

Like I Did Today

I've never felt heartache 
Like I felt today
While looking at my little girls as they were told
Their daddy had gone away
Not for the moment 
       But gone to stay
       Gone to heaven to work the big lights
        In the sky
      To be the scenic designer for the
        Lord forever by and by

I've never felt heartache
Like I felt today
Looking at my daddy
As his mother slipped away
I wanted to take the pain
From him and consume it for my own
But I could do nothing more for him
        Other than stay strong
Ive never felt heartache
Like I did today
When looking at my brothers face
As he laid his baby girl
In her final resting place
My heart was heavy but there was nothing I could do or say
Nothing to take his  pain away........

I've never felt heartache like I did today
As my mothers face was stoic and sad
As she laid to rest, her best friend, her dad
I could tell although I was only a mere 8 years old
My mother I once knew
Was now gone
A piece of her died along with grandpa too
I always tried to remind her, in some ways
I am here for you
But too young to be much comfort
Or help ease her pain
My heart broke for her again and again

I've never felt heartache
Like I did today
When he told me
He didn't feel the same
My best friend , love of my life
No longer wanted me
As his wife
I thought this too shall pass as all my troubles had
Just like the last
But the hurt was a feeling I've never felt before
As I turned to walk out  the door
He did not follow me
Or ask me to stay
I suffered my first broken heart that day

I've never felt heartache
Like I felt today
When I looked at my doctor as he told me of my fate
I have to stay strong
Just as I always have
Be strong
To help my mother along
But ironically my plan suddenly changed
As I was told that she and I suffer from the same
I am a Phoenix, a Titan they say
But I felt helpless and defeated on that day
He does not give us more than we can take
But lord I cannot take anymore weight
I want some of  my burden to be lifted from my being
No more tradgedy I am pleading
I know I am strong
But I'm growing tired and weary
And the burdens become a struggle upon my shoulders
I used to move mountains
Now only boulders

Denna Dionne

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