Thursday, October 17, 2019

Blame it on the FAME

I met him as a child

I remember the mustache and his name

He played more of a part in my life than he could imagine

He never knew my name 

Or probably would remember my face

But he was a bigger part of my life through all ages

Mama turned on the old LP and all the troubles disappeared in the night

In that moment it was all right

I danced around like there were no worries or pain

I never knew who to blame 

Blame it on FAME

Few times i felt love and a tender touch

The radio station tuned in

I couldn’t help but grin

We danced lost in each others eyes

We shared each others heart

For a moment there was no pain

I never knew who to blame

I blame it on THE FAME

Each time I lose someone close 

I lose my hard exterior

For a moment there is no shame in shedding tears

Missing their face

Everytime I think of them 

That song plays in my head 

Everytime I hear your name and start to dance

I don’t know who to blame

I blame it on the FAME

Watching my kids grow

I have no more babies 

They grew and left my side 

But everytime I hear that song it warms my soul

Fills my heart

And oh I love this part

It brings me joy and such pain

I never knew who to blame

Oh yes I blame it in the FAME

I was so scared to give any man a chance 

To break my heart again 

But I’m so glad that I let him come over

Standing there helpless that song played I fell in love for the last time

We danced and I knew he was not playing games 

My life has never been the same 

I know who to blame

I blame it on the FAME

When feelings of blue cloud my day

I turned to the only medicine that makes me sane

I go to the jukebox

And hit play

All the worries fade away 

That’s the joy to which has a name 

The name it carries is FAME

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