Thursday, October 17, 2019

There's a void in my heart 

A space in my soul

There's a place I've never known 

No place to call my own 

I've had it all

And I've had nothing

No food and no shelter 

But that's not what noones shown

It's love I've never known

I've known one night stands

I've known drunk skin on skin

I've known dining and the wine

But never had love that was mine 

I want that in my life

I want to be more than his one night

I want a man to love me right

I want a love to call my own

I had men to call my phone 

Want my love and my kiss

But there is still something missing 

They come around and buy me things

Fall for me and buy me rings

I even said yes a time or two 

But what's missing for me is you

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