Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Even on My Worst Day

You do not know how bad you hurt me
When you lie even though you think its so small
To me it's not at all

You say we are through even though
You just said the words "I love you"
You're mad again, it's all the time
The only heart that hurts or loves is mine

You're dragging my heart around
Throwing my love away
And not even bothered by my tears or pleas to bring it back
to the way it used to be
But you say It's just me

After all the tears and the shoulders so cold
my heart gets angry and I wanna fight
I want you to hurt like I so I find I do things out of spite
Angry words and slurs to cut to the bone
You turn and walk away like always
Leaving me all alone
Just to return so nonchalant
I wait for I'm sorry I know where this is coming from baby
Ive been cold and making you wonder if maybe
I found a new love and lost the love I had for you
Kiss me, hold me, look in my eyes
Wipe my tears and say
You need me, you love me, and never want to go trough one day
Without my love
Even on my worst day

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