Sunday, November 24, 2013

Right There In That Time

Her body was healthy, solid
As any woman could be
That was not the problem you see

It was a disease that stole her mind
Erasing her memory and stopped life
Right there in that time

She recognized only faces
of love so strong
Nothing could rob her of that love which
she had felt for so long

The look in her eyes each time I saw her face
Said "I am lost and alone and I do not know this place"
"I am feeble and weak and want to go home
But I know nothing but these people that I cannot leave alone"

The look in her eyes
when she was in fear merely from me trying to care for her
brought me to tears

But all my hurt and pain
as if her entire world was filled with rain
disappeared in an instant
when that shine in her eyes appeared
when a certain man appeared in it

Her love
Her heart
Would come in the room
 and her eyes lit up
Everytime she heard that familiar sound of his voice
as he would say what had quiet a ring to it
Howdy Doody Judy
There are no words I can write to prove it

It was as though her whole face became aglow
Her heart filled with a kind of love
that most of us will never know

Her feeble body suddenly became strong as ten men
and her eyes said
That she knew the sound
so familiar in her head
It was then and I knew only then
True love existed in that place
Right there in that time

Ther world stood still to her
with his face and touch
The love that I witnessed made me miss my love
so much

When in the world where she had no recollection
of much at all
But when her family came in
That was all brought to a halt
almost as if the terrible curse was nonexistant
the love was too strong for it to consume her mind
Right there in that time

I witnessed a feeble, emaciated body
and a mind that was gone
That had been confused and scared
for so so long

But in that instant
Her love popped in the room
The confusion and fear stopped
with the mere sight and sound of her groom

It broke my heart to have to ease her into my every visit
each and every day
But my compassion turned to comfort every time
merely for the sake
That I could say his name
And peace came upon her face
And it was as if love filled the entire place

He loved her so deep and so strong
That the simple fact that she recalled
Showed me that true love and an open heart
could not be wrong

Meeting her and the chance to love her
taught me much in my own life to date
That pride and a closed heart
Is one of hate
One of lonliness and a destined fate
to never experience the fairy tale
I knew could be true
And for the lesson from a woman without knowledge of teaching me
I say
Thank you
Thankyou for showing me it was okay to reclaim love that was always mine
Right there in that time

Her mind was more erased over the months and the days
But her love and heart always stayed

She walks with angels
and her mind is now clear
The thought of her finally reclaiming all the time and memories
again brings me to tears
But tears of joy and warmth
that her thoughts are rekindled
and she smiles so kind
And she is remembering every detail
Right there in that time

I now have learned to love
like never before
And open up that once closed door
The door to my heart
Now that I am free
AGAIN I want to thank that little cutie
And as her love would say
Howdy Doody Judy

She waits there on the streets of gold
With ALL her memories far and old
But the one thing that I admired most
The memories that are so fine
was how she NEVER forgot the love
There in that time

Smile that wonderful smile
Let those eyes sparkle and dance
And now that your memories are yours again
Look forward to one day having that chance
To greet your love
at Heaven's door
And you will have enternity to share memories galore

Oh how wonderful it will be
Eternity with him in it
Right there,
In that minute

For Judy and Johnny Watson
Former hospice patient but friends
Victim of Alzhiemers

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