Thursday, October 17, 2019

She Had to Go

There was nothing left for her here

When she's gone don't shed a tear

No crying 

No pain

Just rejoice that never again

Will she hurt

Don't hate her because she had to go

Just in your heart know 

It was not you

It was not what you didn't do

It's not what you didn't say

That caused her not to stay

The demons that haunt her

The pain In her heart

Was more than you could ever repair

This world was more than she could bare

The past ripped her open like a knife 

That's why she left this life

Rest easy now and know

Love is something she had never known

Something she never learned to show 

Life made her hard and strong 

And that's why she chose to screw things up and be alone

She couldn't ever love you 

Or anyone else

Because she never learned to love herself 

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