Monday, June 18, 2012

And Then There Was You

A simple crooked grin and eyes so blue
A sweet soothing voice says how are you
I know its you on the other end of the line
For I've waited for this call for what seems like a lifetime
Butterflies stirring all around in my stomach and head
The suns coming up and i should go to bed
But i cannot bring myself to hang up the phone
I will long for your voice while sitting here all alone
Upon waking at sunrise I will walk to the phone
Before it even rings...don't ask how i know
When my knees start getting shaky and my head is all dizzy
I know I will hear from you and will answer even if I am busy
I am unsure of how to balance my life right now but that doesn't matter
I just know i must speak to you and see you and preferably the latter.
Your eyes melt my heart
your voice my soul
my tummy feels sick
this feeling I don't know
I feel as though a fever is approaching me quick
I called my best friends and told them i am sick
She said I'm so sorry how do you feel
I said i cant eat sleep concentrate and almost feel chilled
She said silly girl you have no clue
what this sickness is that's been brought onto you?
I said i may be a nurse but I have no clue
its not a cough, or cold, and most defiantly not the flu.
At that moment when she said to me ever so cool
you are not sick at all my dear friend your a lovesick fool.
How could this be and how do i know
when i feel so awkward does it really show
I knew I raced to your house in no time flat when I'm free
to spend time with you when you wanted me
The days and nights that i share with you are cluttering my mind everyday
I cannot think or work and i don't act the same way
My endless days of being a mommy and nurse
are exhausting me daily I feel I am cursed
My utilities are gone and my groceries too
My oh My the world is so cruel.
There is so much Bad in this world
And then there is you.
One word from your mouth or touch of your hand
Eases my mind again and again.
I feel so guilty making time for us two
I need not to do it but i so want to
I have kids and work and bills to pay
I don't have time for what i consider "play"
My heart is with you but my mind is at work
I will see you tonight...what will it hurt
I don't take much time for Me
And baby I am waiting til tonight for you i must see
But I feel so strange and i don't know why
I just know I have work to do and must put it aside
I love you my sweet and will see you after while
But i gotta run I am rushed again at work and records to file
I hate days like this when i am so rushed and exhausted and see no end in site
I wish i could blink my eyes and it would be tonight
Cuz my work day will be over and yours will be too
and we can sit and talk and hug and i love you
I'm sorry I was thinking of something besides the road and that hill
Now i have lost so much time and even still
I lay here and wonder what happened today
I heard all the monitors and doctors and i heard one say
Here she is well hello Denna Lou
I was terrified baby I was
But then there was you
Never have I ever been so pleased to see your face and your smile
your blue eyes and hear your soothing voice so mild
At that moment I knew you loved me too
For a month i have lied here and dreamt of you
Wondering if you would love me still
When i wake up even if i will
I know you understand life has been so hard for me
balancing a struggling and being alone you see
but knowing this one thing to be true
For all that was easy on the other side
on this side was you
My kids are the thing that made me strong
And then there was you.....
A dream of you in white linen clothes in a colorless place
standing with your arms out and that smile on your face
waving me on as asking me to rush quick without haste
Come on baby please we don't have this time to waste
Come back to me and i will love you so
I promise to never ever let you go
Even if you decide to let go of me
I will love you forever and you will see
What i speak of is from my heart
Its me and you forever til death do us part
I need you to hear me and know this is true
I wasn't even looking and then there was you
Its you I love when i open my eyes everyday and close them each night
and give me and chance you will see you just might
Have a love so strong that it can endure tests of all time
But you have to be with me in body as well as in mind
Now today and much time spent
Do you have a clue what all of this meant
Even the parts that were never spoken aloud
Matt my love i heard you without a sound
All my life any problems and worries and hurt Ive been through
Ive searched my whole life
Then there was you
Faithful and honest and your gentle touch
Baby I love you so very much
Even when I am mad as hell
please know my heart is still so frail
I seem so strong but i am so weak indeed
For my feelings for you run so deep
Like nothing i have ever known
I just hate I missed out until i was grown
to feel such love i have so true
There was pure loss of faith

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