Monday, June 18, 2012

To See His Face

There was a man, a very good man
who was swept away with the wind
on one nights dreary end.
the Lord's angels came down and cast their spell
and took this man from his living hell
His misery and pain has forever gone away
but i dream each night to see his face someday.
I want to be in front of him
Staring him face to face
in his home up above, i want him to save my place.
I want to stand right next to that man
Whom i see suffer no more
To feel the warmth of his hand as he leads me to My Lord.
So each day i will live in the world,
Doing my best to be a christian and live my life and let the Lord do the rest.
I want to go to Heaven one day
but at my life's own pace
so  I can visit him where he lives and see his lovely face.
To bring this to an end and let you know its true
 live your life right and it will be true to you.
For if there is someonewhom you adore
You will be lead to the kingdom and meet them at the door  :)

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