Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just Before the Buttercups Bloom

Dear Mommy and Daddy,
I was so small I did not stay with you no time at all
But God gave your loved ones a hidden talent, to allow me to help you understand what you haven't.
I am sending you comfort from my aunt's hand
He gave her a "gift" so I can explain God's plan.
For I want Mommy to know that I am safe and in Heaven, even though, I am not running and playing with Michaela and Aidan.
I was created from love from the two of you
It was a short time I entered your lives from mommy's womb
And the Lord called me home.....where the buttercups bloom.
I met grandad and others, granny came too
Just before the buttercups bloomed.
I know your hearts are heavy
Mommy and Daddy's has a void.
But when you were sent a blessing,
I asked God to make it a boy.
Because you have a girl that's growing so fast
I wanted daddy to have his boy at last.
I know you imagine life with me there, with little pigtails in my hair.
You think often about how it would be....
Even though I am not there,
You still love me.
It's hard I know and I was so small
Just please know that when your Lord calls
Me and our Savior and all those you miss
Just want you both to know this
Although there are many angels here, there will be room
For you to walk with me where the buttercups bloom.
Each time of year when the sun starts smiling on your face,
Think of me in this place
As the sun peaks and the frost and cold become less
You smile despite the heaviness in your chest
Just stroll through the woods or valley and think to yourself
"Thankyou Sweet Maddie"
For staying long enough to hold you, smell you, and kiss your sweet face
Before you journeyed to that wonderful place.
I know you are sad and miss me so
But right now before spring as the sun starts to glow
There's a reminder of me wherever you go.
They are bright, fragrant, and beautiful as I
And when you catch a glimpse, Mommy and Daddy dont cry
Just remember I am not gone, I am with you in your heart every day of the year
And each and every day, around noon
Look to where the buttercups bloom
I know you picture me picking flowers for you
And i will when YOU see where the Buttercups bloom.
But until then plant them so you can see
Everyday that time of the year
A reminder of me.
Mommy and Daddy it's beautiful, you cannot imagine the view
Where the most Beautiful Buttercups bloom.
No tears, no hate, no gloom
As I stroll along the streets of gold
Where the buttercups bloom.
It makes you sad yet it comforts your soul...
and you smile
Because you know I will see you soon
                                              Your Child

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