Tuesday, April 24, 2012

She Cries

She stands in the middle of the room with a tear in her eye
Tells him she needs a little attention and a lot of love
He looks at her blankly and rolls his eyes
Turns and walks away with a sigh
And she cries
she cries

She lies in bed with new tears in her eyes
She reaches out to her lover
He pushes her aside
He has to know that she hurts
When she cries
She cries

She begs and pleads for him to put down his phone
Please give me some of your time what little you are home
He tells her she's starting again
sighs and moans
She tells him she misses him and the man he once was
He tells her once more he's done nothing wrong
It's her
He answers his phone

She got a call late that night
A dying man
It was cold and wet
She went to kiss her love but knew what she would get
He never turned to hug her, kiss her, or tell her he loved her
She don't know why
But as she drives
She cries
She cries

She's grown tired of being hurt and pushed aside
But that next hospice patient call that came
She never returned to let him see her cry
She didn't cry

As the tables turned
She needed help now
The nurses and doctors were good
But they didn't know how
To repair her
He entered her room and knelt by her bed and hung his head
Reached to touch her but she never moved, never sighed
But as he walked away
She had tears in her eyes
And she cried
with her last breath on that night

Sad that in reality it wasn't the injuries that caused her to part
But in fact she died of a broken heart

As she was layed to rest on that winter day
Her four kids didn't have much to say
They were laying their mother to rest at last
And blamed the man before them for the hurt in her past
They turned their backs as he reached out to them
They merely sighed
The oldest told him our mama don't cry
She doesn't cry

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