Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On a bad Note

One of those nights when you look at your reflection
wonder what in the hell you were thinking
and why you forgot to mention
That there is no need to end a good day on a bad note
and no need to keep reading the words that you wrote
whether its in the lyrics of a song or in a good bye note
leave it be and put it to rest
just be your own woman and be the best
whether its with support or be it alone
you are only human flesh and bone
its okay to cry and ok to hurt
you arent immortal
so let it out
scream to the top of your lungs or cry quietly alone
your are only human flesh and bone
Being a strong person doesnt have to be a chore
people understand you bleed to
and hurt to the core
its okay to cry and to let yourself go
late at night no one would know
that you give into a moment of weakness at times
no one would think less
so swallow the pride
dont kill the pain
let it flow
it dangerous when its held inside
noone thinks less because for once you swallow your pride
they dont see your hurt and pain anyway
they cant feel it or take it
tomorrow is another day

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